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In 2018, Belsat TV journalists paid
more than $95,286.00 in fines in total.

The Solidarity Zone Foundation
The Solidarity Zone Foundation supports independent media, defends the freedom of speech, and promotes human rights and civil liberties in the countries of the post-Soviet region. We focus our activities on raising funds to support high-quality programming content for Belsat TV. We are also involved in supporting direct humanitarian assistance to individuals who are active in local pro-democracy groups and have been persecuted for their advocacy for free speech and human rights. We organize financial assistance, material support, and legal aid for journalists and their families who find themselves in dire circumstances, financially or otherwise, due to repressions by authoritarian governments. We provide financial aid and help defray the costs of legal representation for persecuted journalists; in extreme cases, we help defray the costs of their medical care and rehabilitation.
Being based in Poland – the country which started the historical transformations of Eastern Europe in the 20th century – this is how we express our solidarity with Poland’s and the European Union’s eastern neighbors in the 21st century.

If you share these values and you would like to join us in providing this type of assistance, we encourage you to support the Solidarity Zone Foundation. Please make a financial contribution to express your solidarity.

You can also help pay the fines which Belarusian courts impose on independent journalists for reporting reliable information to the public.